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The widely used crash course on Mongo, ExpressJs, React, and NodeJS has arrived the courses on

Hey codewithahsan fam!

I spent some time this weekend to add my famous MERN stack crash course on our courses site which can be accessed here. Even though the course is 8 hours long, and a bit old. The concepts, the techniques, and the whole app that we create is still very valuable for someone who is just starting MERN Stack and you should be able to follow the tutorial without any issues. Ping me on email or on Linkedin if you face any issues.

Why follow the course on the website instead of on YouTube?

The courses site gives you a better overview of the breakdown of the whole course. It gives you a side menu that can be used to easily navigate to the particular chapter. And it also allows you to mark your progress. So you can continue where you left off.

Apart from this, I will also be adding some assignments in this course and you can submit your projects on the site as well (under submissions). This is a great way for you to show your portfolio as well.

If you think this is useful for you, enroll in the course for free and start your MERN stack journey. If you think someone else can benefit from this, do share it with them. And make sure to leave your reviews on the youtube video directly.

Well, that is it. Have fun. And as always, happy coding!

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