FREE Ebook - Eloquent JavaScript: The 4th Edition

The updated version of Eloquent JavaScript (2024) is now available to be picked up

Marijn Haverbeke's book takes you on a journey from the basics to the more complex parts of JavaScript. It's perfect for both newbies and experienced devs, offering clear, straightforward explanations that make learning easy.

Why Eloquent JavaScript is a great choice:

  • Clear and engaging explanations: Marijn's writing is easy to follow, making even the tough topics manageable.

  • Free to access: Read it online for free or download it in different formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) to read offline.

  • Interactive learning online: Try out code snippets directly in your browser to better grasp the material.

  • Comprehensive coverage: From basics like values, types, and operators to more advanced topics like asynchronous programming, it's all here.

Get your copy here:

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