Dev Tips - Day 5, Railway App

Railway App is the cloud for building, shipping, and monitoring applications...

Dev Tips - Day 5: Smooth apps deployment with Railway App

Hey Devs!

Welcome to Day 5 of Dev Tips! After heroku ended their FREE tier for deployments, it broke my heart! As I had a lot of backend POCs (proof of concepts) and hobby projects deployed there. Fortunately, I found this tool which I’m sharing with you today. Railway App — a fantastic platform for hosting your applications (especially NodeJS backend apps). Railway App offers a FREE tier with an allowance up to 5$ of usage. Note: When registering, you need to provide a payment card. I have been using Railway App for more than a year for many of my apps and I hardly go over 5$ ever :) Super cool, right?

Check out Railway App and let me know in the comments what you think about it!

As always, happy coding!

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