| YouTube comments available on the course pages

You can now see your comments on the course lectures

What did I do??

I had some free time this week to look into implementing the YouTube Data API (v3), using which you we’re now able to have your YouTube comments on each lecture (being a youtube video). This is so that you can see on the lectures themselves what other people have thought about this.


Check the following lecture to see an example:

What can you do?

With this feature update, you can:

  • Read comments from others on each lecture

  • Post a comment yourself (redirects to the youtube video)

  • See your own comment after refreshing the page

Let me know in the comments what you think about this feature.

Need something else?

If there are any features/requests that you have from me about the existing courses, or for future courses, write them down in the comments.

As always, happy coding.

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